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City of Medicine Lake Utility and Street Project

Please visit the Project Website for current information about the project and construction timeline. Please sign up to receive email alerts via the Project Website.

City-Wide Traffic Improvements

Jevne Park Concept Master Plan

As part of Medicine Lake’s 2023 Fiscal Planning, the City identified a need for a concept master plan to guide improvements in Jevne Park. This 10-year plan will help define priorities for future park improvements and funding.

During the master planning process, an initial park use survey was sent out, three concept plans were developed, an open house was held to solicit input from local residents and stakeholders, and stakeholder feedback guided refinements, leading to a preferred master concept plan. Cost estimates and a recommended phasing plan to guide the implementation of park improvements is forthcoming.

To reach our goal of $300K for phase 1 improvements, we are seeking $150K in your donations to the park. A generous neighbor has offered a dollar-for-dollar match for the balance. We are incredibly grateful for the generous support we’ve already received. More support is needed to reach our goal.

As the City moves through this planning process, we welcome community input through direct communication, attendance at open houses, and participation in City Council meetings and open forums. Information, as it is reviewed by City Council, will be posted on this site. Please reach out to any council member for additional information.

Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

October 2023 Update: At the October 2, 2023 city council meeting the city council unanimously voted to approve the 2024 Street Plans and Specifications and advertise for bids. Council anticipates to receive bids in the middle of November, 2023 and anticipates to award the contract either December 2023 or January 2024. 2024 Street Plans and Specifications are available for viewing at city hall by contacting a council member or city staff.

As part of Medicine Lakes 2021 Fiscal Planning, it was identified that the City needs to be proactive and prepare a Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) that will fully assess our options to address the City’s aging infrastructure. Chris Klar, Public Works Superintendent, Craig Kile, City Treasurer and Chris Heim, City Council member have contracted with SEH, an engineering, architectural and planning company, to provide input on the best approach for a strategic planning initiative that underpins our questions and offers expert guidance for a long-term CIP project. The City is currently saving money each month for future infrastructure needs, but we do not have a comprehensive plan. The scope and cost of the expected projects that have been identified thus far are significant and are expected to require a 10-15 year plan, that will include funding sources, a detailed implementation timeline and infrastructure prioritization. High level, the intent is to dedicate 2021 to planning for these projects to establish scope, costs, funding sources, and justification.

As the City moves through these phases we welcome community input through communication, participation in City Council meetings and open forums. Information, as it is reviewed by City Council, will be posted on this site.

Local Area Road Projects

Crews will resurface Hwy 55 between Old Rockford Rd. in Plymouth and General Mills Blvd. in Golden Valley. June 2024 through July 2025. Use this link for project website and to sign up for project alerts: MnDOT Highway 55 Project

Reconstruction, Realignment, and New Construction within project limits. Use this link for project website, find public hearing notices, and to sign up for project alerts: Country Road 73/Highway 55 Project