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The Government Data Practices Act, Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 13, regulates the collection, creation, storage, maintenance, and dissemination of government data and provides for data classification. This law presumes that all government data are public unless a state or federal law says that data are not public.

Policies & Procedures

The City of Medicine Lake has created the following policies and procedures to assist the public in understanding their rights to access government data, how to make a request, the City’s response time for a request, and the fees, if any, for producing the requested data.

  • Data Practices Policy for Data Subjects
  • Data Practices Policy for the Public

Please review the above policies and procedures carefully. The City is not required to respond to a question that is not a request for data and it is not required to create data in order to respond to a request.


Request Requirements

Requests for Data to the City of Medicine Lake must be made in writing via the following online form. An attempted request made through any other means will not be treated as a properly submitted request pursuant to the Data Practices Act. If you are unable to make your request using the online form, please contact the Medicine Lake Data Practices Designee, Joshua Hauble, at [email protected] or by leaving a voicemail at telephone number (763) 542-9701, to discuss alternative means of submitting your written request.

Receiving Request

Once your request is received via the online form, the City will confirm your request and provide an provide an approximate response time and fees as soon as that information is known.

Online Data Request Form

The Minnesota Government Data Practices Act does not require that you submit personal information, such as your name or address, when requesting data. However, the City will need your e-mail address in order to contact you. If your request is for private data about you, the City will require proof of identity before we respond to your request.