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The City Of Medicine Lake issues the following pemits.  For additional information see the Planning and Zoning page.

The City of Plymouth is the administrator of the Minnesota State Building Code for the City of Medicine Lake. Under this agreement, the City of Plymouth’s building official serves as the City of Medicine Lake’s building official.  The City of Medicine Lake uses the Department Of Labor and Industry to conduct electrical inspections and planning consultants to perform site survey and site plan reviews. 

Visit Plymouth, MN website for the following applications for permits:

Note: Permit payments must be issued via check made payable to the City of Medicine Lake and delivered to the City of Plymouth. If you have any questions regarding the permit process or status, please contact the City of Plymouth.  

City of Plymouth | Building Inspection Division
Plymouth City Hall | 3400 Plymouth Blvd. | Plymouth, MN 55447-1482
P 763-509-5430 | F 763-509-5407 | Inspection Scheduling: 763-509-5449 | [email protected]

If you have questions pertaining to planning and zoning related projects, please contact:

Council Member

Jenna Jones

Email: [email protected]

Questions regarding:

  • Land use
  • New principal structure
  • New accessory structure
  • Additions
Public Works

Chris Klar

Email: [email protected]

Questions regarding:

  • Driveways
  • Grading/Fill/Excavation
  • Road permits
  • Sewer issues and connections