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Ordinance Number


Ordinance 01


Ordinance 02

Coin Operated Mechanical Amusement Devices

Ordinance 03

Non-Intoxicating Malt Liquors

Ordinance 05

Trailers - Camp Cars

Ordinance 06

Voter Registration

Ordinance 10

Intoxicating Liquor

Ordinance 14

Fowl Regulations

Ordinance 15

Volunteer Fire Department

Ordinance 21


Ordinance 23

Board of Health - Health Officer

Ordinance 24


Ordinance 25

Harbor Regulations

Ordinance 26

Volunteer Fire Department (Amend Ordinance 15)

Ordinance 27

Harbor Regulations (Amend Ordinance 25)

Ordinance 30

Non-Intoxicating Malt Liquors (Amend Ordinance 3)

Ordinance 33

Village Election Date

Ordinance 37

Public Health Housing Code

Ordinance 38

Non-Intoxicating Malt Liquors (Amend Ordinance 3)

Ordinance 41

On-Sale Increase to $3,000 (Amend Ordinance 10)

Ordinance 42

Municipal Sewer Ordinance

Ordinance 43

Sunday Liquor (Amend Ordinance 10)

Ordinance 45

Snowmobile Ordinance

Ordinance 46

Regulating Open Burning

Ordinance 48

Establishing Sewer Service Connection Charge

Ordinance 50

Operating Licensed Liquor Establishments

Ordinance 51

Nuisance Vehicle Operation

Ordinance 53

Junk Car Regulation

Ordinance 55

Liquor Licensing Fee (Amend Ordinance 41)

Ordinance 56


Ordinance 58

Nudity At On-Sale Liquor Premises

Ordinance 59

Increasing Penalty for Misdemeanor

Ordinance 63

Electricity: NSP

Ordinance 64

Drug Abuse and Control

Ordinance 68

Amendment to Ordinance 24: Sec. 02.7

Ordinance 72

Franchise Ordinance for Reliant Energy Minnegasco

Ordinance 73

Lawn Fertilizer & Control

Ordinance 75

Operation & Speed of Watercraft

Ordinance 76

Feeding of Waterfowl

Ordinance 77

Dogs, Cats and Animals (See Amendment Adopted by Ordinance 132)

Ordinance 86

Floodplain Ordinance

Ordinance 88

Gas Line Workers Certification

Ordinance 94

Adopting Minnesota State Building Code

Ordinance 95

Sewer Ordinance (Amend Ordinance 42)

Ordinance 97

An Ordinance amending Section 1000 General Building and Performance Requirements of the City of Medicine Lake Zoning Regulations

Ordinance 98

Adopting the Minnesota State Building Code

Ordinance 99

Electric Franchise Ordinance

Ordinance 100

An Ordinance amending section 42.26 Power and Authority of Inspectors for the City of Medicine Lake

Ordinance 101

An Ordinance providing for Securing Vacant Buildings

Ordinance 102

An Ordinance regulating the conduct of peddlers, solicitors, and transient merchants within the City of Medicine Lake

Ordinance 103

An Ordinance amending Ordinance 70 Section 200.2 Definitions, item 79 - Line of Site Setback for the City of Medicine Lake

Ordinance 104

An Ordinance amending section 200 and 900 of the Medicine Lake City Code as it relates to non-conforming buildings, structures and uses

Ordinance 108

An Ordinance amending Section 200 of existing Ordinance No. 70 (Zoning Regulations) and inserting Section 1700 as it relates to storm water pollution and erosion control

Ordinance 110

Prohibiting disposal of snow on public property

Ordinance 111

Adopting the 2006 addition of the International Property Management Code®, authorizing the establishment of an inspection schedule and process, establishing fees and repealing ordinance 90

Ordinance 112

Zoning Regulations

Ordinance 113

Feeding of Waterfowl and Other Wild Animals

Ordinance 114

Securing Vacant Buildings

Ordinance 115

Noxious Weeds (Amend Ordinance 24)

Ordinance 118

Opting-Out of the Requirements of Minnesota Statutes, Section 462.3593

Ordinance 119

Floodplain Management

Ordinance 120

Parking within Public Right-of-Way

Ordinance 122

Limiting the time allowed to complete exterior work after the issuance of a building permit

Ordinance 124

Zoning Regulations (Amend Ordinance 112)

Ordinance 125

Residential Driveways and Off Street Parking Area

Ordinance 126

Rental Housing: Licensure and Regulations

Ordinance 129

Drainage and Erosion Control

Ordinance 130


Ordinance 132

Amending Ordinance 77 Dogs, Cats and Animals

Ordinance 133

CenterPoint Energy Gas Franchise

Ordinance 134

Land Use Related Fees for 2022

Ordinance 135

Shoreland Ordinance

Ordinance 136

Wetland Ordinance

Ordinance 137

Storm Water Pollution Control Plan

Ordinance 138

Rental Housing (See Ord. 126)

Ordinance 139

Land Use Related Fees for 2023

Ordinance 140

Tree Disease Ordinance - Nuisances and Prevention of shade tree disease and pest control

Ordinance 141

Land Use Related Fees for 2023

Ordinance 142

City Water Services (Potable Water)

Ordinance 143

Regulation of activities within Right of Way

Ordinance 144

Solicitation Ordinance (repeal and replace of Ord 102)

Questions on Ordinances? If you have questions on the City of Medicine Lake ordinances, please contact the city at [email protected].